International Law of Global Security, Peace and Development

We are pleased to share reflections on the recently concluded Erasmus Mundus Annual Lecture, titled “Challenges to Human Rights in Armed Conflict: Reflections from Practice“. Held on the 5th of December 2023 at the University of Glasgow, this lecture brought together a diverse audience eager to delve into the complexities of international human rights and humanitarian law within the context of armed conflict.

The event featured Professor Helen Duffy, a renowned expert in international law and a faculty member at Leiden University, who provided valuable insights drawn from her extensive experience in Human Rights in Practice. Professor Duffy’s expertise as an international legal practitioner lent a practical perspective to the discussion, enriching the dialogue on the obstacles faced in seeking justice for victims of armed conflicts.

Throughout the lecture, Professor Duffy navigated through key developments and challenges encountered in litigating violations of International Human Rights Law (IHRL) and International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in armed conflict situations. From legal intricacies to political hurdles, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of pursuing justice amidst the chaos of warfare.

The audience, comprising students, scholars, legal practitioners, and individuals passionate about human rights issues, actively engaged in thought-provoking discussions. Questions and reflections sparked lively exchanges, underscoring the importance of addressing the complexities of human rights and humanitarian law in armed conflict scenarios.

The lecture served as a platform for critical reflection and dialogue, highlighting the ongoing efforts to uphold justice and accountability in the face of daunting challenges. By shedding light on practical experiences and emerging trends in the field, attendees gained valuable insights that will inform their future endeavors in promoting human rights and advocating for justice on the global stage.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Professor Helen Duffy for her illuminating lecture and to all attendees for their active participation, contributing to a memorable and enriching event.