International Law of Global Security, Peace and Development

University of Tartu

University of Tartu, established in 1632, is Estonia’s leading centre of research and training. It preserves the culture of the Estonian people and spearheads the country’s reputation in research and provision of higher education. University of Tartu belongs to the top 1.2% of world’s best universities.

As Estonia’s national university, University of Tartu stresses the importance of international co-operation and partnerships with reputable research universities all over the world. To support and develop the professional competence of its students and academic staff, the university has entered into bilateral co-operation agreements with 79 partner institutions in 31 countries.

At University of Tartu you will be based in one of the oldest faculties, which is in the world top 300 and hosts the Asia Centre and the Skytte Institute of Political studies. You will be integrated into the Master of Arts Programme in International Law and Human Rights (ILHR).

The MA in ILHR offers a good comparative perspective on the issues of international law and human rights, relying on Estonia’s historical experience and geographical position — Estonia is located where the “West” and the “East” meet. The School of Law hosts, for example, projects such as “The Evolution of Human Rights Law and Discourse in the Russian Federation, and its Interaction with Human Rights in Europe and the World” and “Russia and the Consolidation of Regional International Law in Eurasia”. 

University of Tartu will therefore make a unique contribution to ILGSPD with its regional and geopolitical expertise. As the capital Tallinn is a vibrant political and cultural centre hosting various international organisations and think tanks, you will have the opportunity to work in different human rights organisations based in Estonia, but also regionally (e.g. in the OSCE).



Applications for ILGSPD are now open. You can apply as an Erasmus Mundus scholarship-funded student or as a self-funded student.