International Law of Global Security, Peace and Development

Student Life

What our students say about the course

Razy from Lebanon

My name is Razy from Lebanon. I have two bachelor’s degree in law. I love history; I like to read about all different kinds of history out of curiosity in my leisure time.

I found the ILGSPD on a website and was excited to apply for it because it was related to my background in law. My background was pure law at some point; however, I’m starting to enjoy the other fields this programme offers such as international relations, political finances, and international securities, not just the traditional law perspective.

The ILGSPD was better than I expected, and I have been able to expand my network with specialists and experts in this field, and to learn about new challenges. There is also the excitement of living in different cities, we attended events, festivals, tried different food and traditional dance. It was really a motivational experience meeting with all these cultures from all around the world.

I have already started practicing and learning to improve my Spanish communication. I’ll also be able to practice my French and get better in Brussels during my third semester.

What I prefer the most about this program is its multi-disciplinary, integrated approach, that covers a wide range of fields from international law, sciences to international relations and wide variety of specialties.

Giorgi from Georgia

My name is Giorgi. I come from the country of Georgia. I have a legal background, I studied law back in my country with focus on international law, during my bachelor and master’s studies. I also worked previously as a legal advisor for the Ministry of Justice of Georgia for four years. I was searching for some opportunities that were available in my chosen field of study and I came across the ILGSPD programme. It was in the catalogue of Erasmus Mundus joint master’s degrees on the EU website, and I applied for it.

 The major highlights of the programme that I enjoyed the most, was the unique opportunity to enrich my expertise in international law and politics, at prominent universities in the world, especially at University of Glasgow. The programme made it possible for me to analyse different challenges and issues and concepts that I studied in law from a political science perspective. It also has a very special networking opportunity within the programme and outside of it. I was able to establish professional ties with leading lecturers and practitioners in this field.

What I enjoy about this programme that it is a rare cultural experience. Because we live in three different countries in the span of two years. I also love this programme because I like to travel and experiencing different cultures, and that is one of the best parts of this programme. I am gaining very important intercultural skills, and the adaptability to new environments and new people. It’s a very important trait to be able to adapt to new places in a short time and succeed. My communication skills have improved immensely because I have been communicating with people from diverse backgrounds.

The programme itself is oriented towards group work and to share with others my own views, and to do this in an efficient manner.

The ILGSPD is an exceptional programme. It provides extensive knowledge of global security, peace, and developmental challenges, and it paves the way for a successful career in international law and global affairs.

Rusudan from Georgia

My name is Rusudan, from Georgia, an Eastern European country. I have a bachelor’s degree in law. I really enjoy listening to music, my parents sometimes complain about how much music I listen to.

I started to do moot courses to expand my knowledge on international law during the COVID-19 pandemic, and then my friend who had already applied to this program told me that I’ll be interested because it’s about international law. I was so happy because it’s been my dream to study abroad. When I read all about the ILGSPD, I immediately was interested, and decided to apply. I feel very blessed and happy that I got to study on this programme.

My expectations were to learn the different approaches and practical knowledge to solving different issues, international relations, International Security and then the human rights approaches to world challenges. And I must say that so far, the program has met my expectations. As a lawyer, it has been an eye opener for me because it was so broad. The lecturers in Glasgow and IBEI are great. Our cohort is very diverse, I have met people from different countries and learning about their cultures, I feel that I have grown so much personally, because I have new friends. You get to know lots of things about other countries, and get a different perspective, and you begin to understand them more.

What I love the most is the ability to live in three different countries. I really like to travel and get to know different cultures so for me it’s very interesting and fascinating. And one other thing I love about this programme is how the staff and administration support us on visa issues, accommodation etc.

I have developed my writing skills very much and have acquired a skill to work in a multicultural environment, which I didn’t have.

The ILGSPD offers a platform for me to speak, and helps us to tackle complex issues, and most of the students are coming from the countries where these problems are happening. Above all its multidisciplinary approach and aim to train the next generation of lawyers to review legal issues from different perspectives is what I cherish about the ILGSPD program.

Damilola Michael from Nigeria

My name is Damilola Michael from Nigeria. The focus of my research and interest has been international law and development for a while. During my undergrad I was part of the international model United Nations Washington DC and later became the Chair.

In my spare time like music and fashion.

I applied for the ILGSPD out of curiosity and searching online. My expectations before coming to the program, was to advance my knowledge and be more grounded in International law. Also, how to put law, together with international relations and bring the economic perspective to it, which is the path I would like to  follow. The programme so far has met my expectations.

The courses we are doing on the ILGSPD are not only relevant but are also fun. We are always able to debate what we learned in class. And this program has taught me that we are not only advancing knowledge in sustainability and critical issues, but also to build relationships among colleagues, having sustainable networks.

Glasgow has very good learning and friendly academic environment, each one of the classes organised like a master class; slides properly set and everyone highly motivated. You could interact with lecturers, and they are also ready to know about our experience; you get a balanced view about critical issues. We had guest lecturers, some from the UN and partner universities. I think these are the things that made this master’s program one of a kind! 

Student experience has been very good, there were bonding activities like potluck, celebrating birthdays and trips, like the trip to Edinburgh and Loch Lomond. The aim is bringing together international students, to create a bond and linkage between them. So, we don’t just call ourselves colleagues, we are friends; a kind of friendship, where wherever we find ourselves in the world, we are able to leverage on our network.

I have acquired the skill of critical thinking, advanced research thinking. I knew the way to do research in the past, but much more now, and at the same time, proper time management in an intense environment.

My general impression about the programme is that it is multi-disciplinary. It helps us to think outside the box. It also responds to critical issues affecting the world. This is a programme designed to recruit new professionals who are not only thinking within their own fields but thinking and collaborating with people from other fields.

The ILGSPD is a fantastic programme, it teaches us that there is no one solution to a problem, and that law doesn’t provide all the answers.

Erin from Scotland

My name is Erin, I’m from Scotland. I have a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Glasgow. In my spare time I really like to play guitar and I am a big fan of indoor rock climbing which I got into the last couple of years.

After graduating, I was looking at what my next step would be and a friend recommended this programme to me. After researching the ILGSPD programme, I decided to apply.

I have learned about so many different cultures, particular places in Central Asia that I was ignorant about and much did not have any background knowledge, my peers have been able to teach me so much; it is really an invaluable life experience.

 With the academic side of things, because this is the first time studying international law, I didn’t expect the course to be as broad, it encompasses different aspects and really touches on as many subjects as possible, which is great. However, we also did niche courses which gives both a broader understanding of international law in development, and simultaneously gives you the opportunity of going deeper into areas of interest.

I have grown more confident speaking in class, there’s a lot of room for discussion and there’s no right or wrong answers. You know you can feel comfortable to give your opinion, give your ideas and you know you will be guided. It is a very safe environment to voice your opinions and your ideas, therefore I feel more comfortable perhaps presenting my opinion and speaking publicly now.

 I have loved meeting everyone because when you’re traveling from place to place and you have those friendships, it already feels like a safety net.

I think for me personally, I have really enjoyed the academic side of things. It gives you a space to explore ideas of peace, security, development, and that gives you the political side of things, as well as the legal. It really ticks so many boxes; you can travel and experience different cultures, either from your classmates or from the various places you travel to.

I have really enjoyed the ILGSPD program in general!

Viet from Vietnam

My name is Viet. I am from Vietnam. I have a first master’s degree (MBA) in International dispute settlement at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. I love singing karaoke; I was a ballroom dancer.

When I was working in Geneva, I was looking around for scholarships for a master’s in international law program and I found the ILGSPD on the website of events and I realised that I wanted to apply for the ILGSPD programme.

In fact, this programme has taught me tolerance. I have interacted with different people with different cultures. I have met a lot of nice people, who are hospitable from Asia, Africa, Europe; our cohort is a very diverse group of smart intellectuals, and I’m happy to be a part of this group. The academic environment is good and the professors are amazing, the facilities for studies are great! And there’s been huge support from the coordinators of the program for all students. What I love most about the ILGSPD is the multi-dimensional approaches to legal issue.  

My language skills have become better, I’ve had the chance to improve my French. As an international lawyer it is very important to know not just English, but other languages like French. Also, my socialising skills have improved, I have become more confident, and to talk to people from different backgrounds. It’s easy for me now, to find people from opposite proposing backgrounds and talk about issues.

The ILGSPD gave me the chance to meet amazing people, had a chance to experience different cultural backgrounds and enjoy lots of extracurricular activities, like summer school or internships. So, for me it’s been fantastic!


Applications for ILGSPD are now open. You can apply as an Erasmus Mundus scholarship-funded student or as a self-funded student.