International Law of Global Security, Peace and Development

Admission and Selection

Selection Criteria and Timetable

The Scholarship Selection Committee of the ILGSPD Consortium assess each application according to the following criteria:

  • Academic merit and relevance and level of academic qualifications) – 50%
  • Personal statement of motivation and research interests – 30%
  • Quality of (academic) references – 10%
  • Other (e.g. relevant research/professional experiences/interests) – 10%

Selection timetable

1 October  2023 Online application form becomes available
19 January 2024 Deadline for ALL scholarship applications
By 8 April 2024 Applicants informed of scholarship decisions
May 2024 Deadline for unsuccessful scholarship applicants to secure place on programme, and pay deposit in order to self-fund
May 2024 Mobility After the consortium has received the final approval on the selection from the European Commission the scholarship applicants on the main list and reserve list will receive the final results of their applications.

July 2024

August 2024

Deadline for International self-funding applications

Deadline for UK self-funding applications



Applications for ILGSPD are now open. You can apply as an Erasmus Mundus scholarship-funded student or as a self-funded student.