International Law of Global Security, Peace and Development

Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals

Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI)

IBEI is an inter-university institute created in 2004 as a joint effort of all five public universities in the Barcelona metropolitan area and CIDOB (Barcelona Centre for International Affairs) to promote postgraduate training and research in politics and international relations in order to advance the understanding of global challenges to governance in our world.

Now into its second decade, IBEI has become consolidated and achieved a high level of recognition as an academic and research centre at both European and international level.

In Semester 2 you will move as a group to IBEI. All students will take compulsory courses providing an International Relations perspective on security, peace, development and sustainability, as well as specific elective classes preparing students for their Semester 3 placement.

You will arrive in January and during this period you will take an intensive 6 ECTS course titled International Relations of GSPD drawing on teaching expertise across the Institute. This will be in preparation for integration into elective classes with the 130-140 masters’ students on the one- and two-year programmes of the IBEI from February onwards. ILGSPD therefore capitalises on three IBEI masters’ programmes in International Relations, International Security and International Development by drawing on both the expertise of the staff at the institute, as well as embedding cohort in courses with advanced level students, bringing greater opportunities for peer-based learning and inter-disciplinary awareness. In addition to taking three from five elective courses required in preparation for Semester 3, you will be able to choose from over 40 elective courses that are offered during Semester 2. 



Applications for ILGSPD are now open. You can apply as an Erasmus Mundus scholarship-funded student or as a self-funded student.